How much is your time worth and could it be better spent?


  • Do you sometimes wish there were two of you, just so everything can get done? 
  • Are you stressing that 24 hours in the day are just not enough? 
  • Do you wish there was such a thing as a superhero helper?  


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you need Bridgeland Administration Services to help ease the load.  We will help you with all those tasks that eat away at your precious time.  Specialising in both Personal Assistant and Personal Concierge services, Bridgeland Administration Services can help get you organised and back on track in no time at all.


Outsource your administrative tasks to time-efficient, affordable admin experts!

Bridgeland Administration Services is based in the Capalaba, a south-eastern suburb of Brisbane, Australia. When you find yourself with admin overflow, or even if you want to outsource your administrative tasks on a regular basis to ensure it’s done on time – we can relieve you of the stress, the burden and the need to switch mental gears.


  • Pay only for the hours you need, not the full day.
  • No more paying for staff downtime, SG entitlements or PAYG Tax.
  • No additional time spent training or interviewing staff.
  • All work is tax deductible.
  • All work is done from our office; therefore you don't have to find additional office space.
  • We are available the hours that suit you.


Spend your valuable time performing the tasks that make your business a success!

Contact us today and we could start tackling that mountain of admin work for you tomorrow!


Bridgeland Administration Services offers a variety of administrative tasks to help take the load of your shoulders.  For further information please visit our Services Page.


ABN 545 384 02677

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